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Skills Council of Canada's CSE team has carefully considered the types of support, resources, and tools a learner needs on their journey to employment. Working in collaboration with partners and employers, we ensure we have everything a learner needs for a successful apprenticeship.

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An Integrated Solution

A learner's journey to apprenticeship is not an easy task. Many variables must be supported to achieve alignment with an employer's requirements. The solution, while seemingly simple, requires a network of partners, collaborating to support the learner. These models illustrate the high-level structure and process.

Virtual Learning Collaboration Strategy

The Virtual Learning Collaboration Strategy provides a seamless learner experience through partnerships. This strategy incorporates Skills Council of Canada’s core values to inspire, evaluate, explore, prepare, connect, and sustain when it comes to a learners’ journey.

The Core Partner Team

The CSE is a platform that is built on collaboration. The only way to solve for individual variables and barriers is through a large collective of partnerships. By leveraging their expertise, internal capabilities and capacities, experiences, and networks, and through the integration of their products and services, we will be able to support a learner's successful journey to apprenticeship.

10,000+ Network

Integrating into the CSE will enable connection of tutors, coaches, counsilors, trade mentors, subject matter experts, learning specialists and more.Edtech / content partner

Indigenous Leadership

Working to provide equal opportunities for indigenous people to participate in Ontario's economy while maintaining their culture and family structures.

Indigenous Partnership

With a focus on respectful cooperation and collaboration amongst First Nations, Indigenous peoples and organizations, private sector and industry.

6,000+ Courses / Videos

Will be integrated into the CSE, enabling connection of inspiration, exploration, and more skills resources to support trades and career development.

Supporting New Comers

Helping people migrate to Canada by providing them with access to relevant immigration content and prep resources.

AI / Machine Learning

Working with the university, the program will pull in students to support customization of the system to achieve intelligent individual career mapping.

Learning Management

A robust skills development platform (LMS)that will be integrated to help individuals grow their capacity. Over 70,000 teams globally use TalentLMS.

Water Solutions

Water harvesting and business solutions to support export to countries in need of access to clean water prorgams.

Interactive CSE

The Collaborative Support Ecosystem is a fully functional and interactive platform made with employer and learner success in mind. Contact us today to learn more!