Funding and Sustainability

Skills Development Fund

Skills Council of Canada had received $3,824,399 in funding from the Ontario Government for its "Breaking Down Barriers, Skills-to-Employment Collaborative Support Ecosytem program", which aims to support 500 youth, women, and Indigenous Peoples in developing skills and overcoming personal and professional barriers to gain employment and apprenticeships across Ontario. The program ran from March 30, 2022, to March 31, 2023, and aimed to address the fragmented skills ecosystem in Ontario through an integrated collaboration of partners and employers. The program provided a range of support to address the diverse needs and career ambitions of participants.


Skills Council of Canada has achieved financial sustainability through:

1) Developing revenue-generating activities (fee-based training & services).

2) Establishing strategic partnerships access additional resources.

3) Diversifying funding sources.

4) Building a strong brand and reputation to attract more partners.

5) Implementing sound financial management practices.

6) Ensuring all core services are pre-paid for years to come so that all our clients and job seeker gain access to their support for as long as they need them.