Supporting Job Readiness

Working with employers to ensure candidates are job ready.
"Apprenticeship programs need to consider an employers’ requirements, and set up unique structures, processes, and support resources to guide an apprentice to long-term employment."

How our CSE Program Supports Employers

Skills Council of Canada's CSE team works with employers from planning to execution, assembling resources and support programs needed to succeed.

Requirements Gathering

We gather details on an employer's job requirements such as personality type, skills needed, working conditions, on the job expectations, roles and responsibilities, capabilities, trade knowledge, and trade safety.

Content Development

We ensure employers have the right content available to support potential candidates. This includes materials such as orientation packages, policies, and procedures, what to expect the first week, and more.

Matching Candidates

We provide the right support in the right areas so that candidates will be job ready for the employer's specific needs.

Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) - Employer

The goal of the CSE is to achieve job ready apprentices. We work with employers to understand what they need in a candidate and how we can best support the employer and the learner along their journey to success.

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If you are interested in joining our program, we would like to hear from you. Let's connect and start the process of determining your requirements and mapping them into the CSE so that we can build candidates to be job ready.

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