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Connecting Canadians to skills-to-employment opportunities

Competition makes us faster.
Collaboration makes us better.

We bring together a complex network of partners, content, and systems to help individuals, communities, and organizations of any size access and share skills development programs and resources through one, integrated platform.


Skills Council of Canada’s leadership has been focused on contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for many years. Education is the foundation that supports all SDGs and why we have made it the foundation of all our work.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 focuses on education and aims to, "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities”. To create employable opportunities
for all individuals, we believe there must be collaboration through one  

system where all stakeholders (educators, employers, support partners and government) can support a student’s journey to employment.

Through years of developing and nurturing partnerships, our Collaborative Support Ecosystem successfully addresses barriers to learning by supporting flexible learning schedules, providing access to tutoring, coaching and guidance, inspiring career exploration, and fostering skills development and much more.

Skills Networks for

Skills Council of Canada is working to achieve a network of skills resources, partners, and stakeholders for learner success. To create this network, we must continually promote the value of working together. Not only do we need to work hard to move forward, but we also need to work together. Working together enables us to overcome all barriers to education and skills development.

Increased success

Collaboration ensures learners are supported and successful throughout their learning journey.

Increased opportunities

Working together to create meaningful learning, skills development, and employment opportunities.

Stronger communities

Helping communities expand economic opportunity, learn new skills, and address areas of critical need like mental health and education.

Our Partners

Network of 10,000+ Tutors and Coaches

Indigenous Leadership

Indigenous Partnership

6,000+ Courses / Videos

Supporting Newcomers

AI / Machine Learning

Learning Management

Water Solutions

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