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A Leadership Roundtable on Environmental Practices in Skilled Trades

Building a Greener Future through Responsible Practices and Collaboration
Exploring sustainable practices, green technologies, and environmental responsibility in skilled trades.

Sustainable Futures

When and where is the event scheduled?

October 14, 2024

Who should attend?

Key Participants:

Environmental Experts, Industry Leaders, Educators, Government Representatives.

What is the event about?


Focus on exploring the intersection of trades and environmental sustainability, showcasing green technologies, and integrating sustainability into trades education and industry practices.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Access to sustainable solutions and technologies.
  • Networking with environmental experts and industry leaders.
  • Influence on sustainability practices within the trades sector.

What are we trying to accomplish?

Event Purpose:

To bring together experts in environmental sustainability, green technologies, and trades to promote environmentally responsible practices within the industry.

What can you expect?

Event Objectives:

  • Explore the intersection of trades and environmental sustainability.
  • Showcase green technologies and practices relevant to trades.
  • Develop strategies to integrate sustainability into trades education and industry practices.

Expected Outcomes for Participants:

  • Exposure to sustainable practices within trades.
  • Collaboration on green projects and initiatives.
  • Enhancement of skills in environmental sustainability.
Please note that this Leadership Roundtable is by invite only. If you feel you can add to the discussions, please send us an email with your details and a brief summary for our team to consider.
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