Supporting Skilled Trade Newcomers

Charting a successful path for newcomers from India necessitates a fine balance between meeting specific employer requirements and maintaining education standards of our country. Working with our partners from India, we are able to deliver a robust, step-by-step program that assists a tradesperson in their journey to employment.
Designed in partnership with the government, trade training centers, and working closely with industry and employers, we are working to promote a smooth transition for highly skilled tradespersons immigrating to Canada, into the Canadian workforce.

Trade & Essential Skills Assessment

In collaboration with our partners, we conduct a thorough assessment of the candidates' skills and qualifications in India, ensuring alignment with Canadian trade standards.

Training and Certification

Candidates undergo additional training, testing in India, if necessary, and receive certifications aligned and recognized by Canadian employers.

Preparation for Immigration

Candidates receive guidance and support in preparing all necessary documentation for immigration, including work permits and visa applications aligning with Canadian job offers.

Arrival in Canada

Upon arrival, newcomers receive an orientation to help them acclimate to their new environment, including information about Canadian culture, work ethics, and expectations.

Canadian Skills Validation

Newcomers will undergo an additional skills validation at our designated Trade Training Centre in Brampton, ON. This process ensures that their qualifications and skills meet specific Canadian employer requirements. If they need additional support, it can be provided at those facilities.

Employment Alignment

We work to prematch the newcomers' skills with appropriate employers based on the validation results, ensuring a smooth transition into the Canadian workforce.

Onboarding and Integration Support

Newcomers receive guidance during their onboarding process with their new employers. This includes additional language support, if necessary, and assistance in understanding workplace norms.

Career Development

We provide ongoing career development resources and support to ensure the newcomers' long-term success in the Canadian workforce.

Pipeline of Qualified Tradespersons

With Canada facing a significant labour shortage in the trades and India having a surplus of qualified tradespersons, the partnerships between India and Canada will bridge a solution.

Trade Training Centers in Brampton Ontario

Skills Council of Canada oversees 17 trade facilities at Judith Nyman Secondary School. Use of these facilities after school program enables newcomers to be validated, tested and prepared for the workforce.

Your Support Team

We are your partners to success. Access to mentors, tutors, coaches and more, are all available through our support programs.


Skills Council of Canada provides access to both job-based and subject based assessments to help determine a newcomers skills for employment in Canada
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Trade Training

Skills Council of Canada provides access to trade training facilities to support newcomers evaluation and training to ensure alignment with employer requirements.
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Supporting Learners

Skills Council of Canada provides access to mentors, tutors and skills development resources to support newcomers successes.
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