Providing Individual Support

Skills Council ensures our partners have one-on-one tutors and mentors available

Increase Job Seeker
Success Rate

Through access to resources like skills assessments, job role-specific courses, and one-on-one support, employment agencies can better assist job seekers in identifying skills gaps and upskilling.

Enhance Efficiency of Employment Centers

A streamlined platform is provided for managing job seeker journeys, from assessing skills to matching job seekers with opportunities, which increases the centers' efficiency.

Reduce Resource Costs and Improve Scalability

Offering a comprehensive, ready-to-use platform, Skills Council helps agencies cut down on costs of purchasing separate tools for skills assessments, career guidance, or job matching, thus improving scalability.

Supporting our Partners

Skills Council’s mentorship program is a structured program that supports our partners' clients, students and employees. We do not provide mentor support services to the public market. These services help our partners provide guidance, tutoring, career development support, and advice to job seekers, students, and their team to help develop their skills and knowledge to grow their career.

Our mentors help set goals related to career development, education, or personal growth and can be customized to meet the needs and interests of the individual.

Skills Development

Skills development is an essential part of preparing for and securing employment. As the job market evolves and new technologies emerge, it is important for individuals to continually develop their skills and knowledge in order to remain competitive and meet the changing needs of employers.

By investing in skills development, individuals can increase their employability and broaden their career options.

Skills Council of Canada has thousands of skills development courses across dozens of categories and we encourage you to tap into our resources to help you advance your own career, help support your clients, or improve your employees' performance.

Career Growth

Skills development can help individuals build confidence and self-esteem, which can be important factors in the job search process and their career growth. By learning new skills and demonstrating their value to employers, individuals can increase their chances of being hired and advance their careers.

Skills development is a key factor in securing employment and achieving career success. By investing in their own skills and knowledge, individuals can increase their employability and build a foundation for a successful career.

Employment Opportunities

Skills Council of Canada supports employment opportunities in the following ways:

Career Inspiration and Exploration
We provide information and resources to help individuals learn about different careers and make informed decisions about their future. This can include information on job prospects, salary expectations, and the skills and education required for different occupations.

Improved access to employment services
We connect with employers and employment service partners to help job seekers access services such as job search assistance, resume writing support, and career counseling. This can help individuals identify job opportunities and prepare for the job search process.

Access to trades training and apprenticeship opportunities
We promote the value of skilled trades and work with employers and educators to create more opportunities for individuals to enter these fields. This can include programs that provide hands-on training and work experience, as well as initiatives that help individuals access funding for their education and training.