A Global Integrated Skills Network

Skills Council is working to solve Sustainable Development Goal #4 by building an ecosystem that operates globally and executes locally, while breaking down barriers.

Scaleable Ecosystem

Skills Council enables global reach in skills development with scalable solutions, catering to diverse needs across various regions and sectors.

Flexible Ecosystem

Adapting to the unique demands of different locales, Skills Council's platform offers flexibility for local execution, maintaining high efficiency.

Collaborative Ecosystem

By fostering partnerships across sectors, Skills Council's ecosystem promotes collaborative efforts, enhancing the quality and reach of education and training.

Sustainable Development Goal #4

Sustainable Development Goal 4 advocates for inclusive and equitable quality education as part of the United Nations’ 17 goals set in 2015. Addressing this challenge requires a unified system with global reach yet local applicability, fostering collaborations across governments, private sector, non-profits, educators, financiers, and tech partners. Skills Council of Canada is committed to fulfilling this mission, orchestrating efforts to realize accessible, quality education worldwide.