"Alone we can go fast, together we can go far"

- African proverb


Skills Council fosters a cooperative environment where partners work in concert, sharing insights and resources to co-create tailored skill development solutions.

Project Support

Skills Council provides comprehensive backing to partner projects, offering our wealth of resources, assessments, and technology for enhanced program delivery.

Shared Visions

Skills Council and its partners align visions to drive initiatives that advance education technology, equipping the workforce with the skills for tomorrow’s job market.

Our Partners and Collaborators

Network of 10,000+ Tutors and Coaches

Providing access to thousands of tutors, coaches, counselors, trade mentors, subject matter experts, learning specialists and more

Work Integrated Learning

Riipen is an online platform connecting students and companies for experiential learning opportunities, such as projects and internships.

Indigenous Partnership

Focusing on respectful cooperation and collaboration between First Nations and Indigenous Peoples, and organizations, private sector, and industry.

6,000+ Courses / Videos

Providing access to thousands of inspirational videos, explorative tools, skills preparation activities and connections to industry resources to support trades and career development.

Supporting Newcomers

Helping people migrate to Canada by providing them with access to relevant immigration content and prep resources.

Professional Content

Vubiz is an e-learning company providing online training courses for corporations, government agencies, and individuals worldwide.

Learning Management

Providing access to a robust skills development platform that will help individuals grow their knowledge and skills. Over 70,000 teams globally use TalentLMS.

Water Solutions

Supporting communities in need with water harvesting, business solutions and access to clean water programs.

Hospitality Service

Lone Star Texas Bar and Grill is a Canadian restaurant chain that offers Tex-Mex cuisine, burgers, and drinks in a lively atmosphere.

Health, Tech, Military, Gov.

Calian Group is a Canadian company that provides technology, health, and training solutions to industries, governments, and militaries worldwide.

1,000s of assessments

eSkills Corporation is an assessment company that provides customizable skills assessments and job analysis services to organizations worldwide.

Construction WIP

Helping people migrate to Canada by providing them with access to relevant immigration content and prep resources.

NFP Employment Agency

Family Services of Peel is a non-profit organization that provides counseling, support, and advocacy services to families in the Peel region.


Funding Support from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development is responsible for labour issues in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Mobile Microlearning

Edapp.com is a mobile-first learning platform that offers customizable and gamified training courses for corporate and educational organizations.

Microlearning content

IAM Learning is an e-learning platform that provides interactive and engaging courses for schools, businesses, and individuals on various topics.

Women in Aviation

Elevate Aviation is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to increasing gender diversity in the aviation industry through education and mentorship.

ESDCJob Bank

ESDC Job Bank is a Canadian government website that helps job seekers find employment opportunities and employers find suitable candidates.


Black Lives Matter New Brunswick is an organization that aims to address and combat racism and discrimination against Black people in the Canadian province.

NFP Employment Agency

St. Leonard's Community Services is a Canadian non-profit organization that provides support and rehabilitation services to people with mental health issues.

Employment Services

Skills for Change is a non-profit organization in Toronto that provides employment and language training services to immigrants and refugees.

Youth Services

City of Toronto is the largest city in Canada, located in Ontario province, with a diverse population, culture, and economy.

Recruitment Support

TTC is Toronto's public transit system. It operates buses, streetcars, and subways, serving millions of passengers daily.

Recruitment support

A Canadian restaurant company that owns and operates over 25 brands, including Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, and Milestones.

Indigenous Trades Focus

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario supports Indigenous peoples in accessing apprenticeships and training opportunities to build careers in skilled trades.

Indigenous Workplace Dev

Indigenous Works is a national organization that promotes Indigenous engagement and employment, providing resources and support to employers and Indigenous peoples.

Supporting community

Community Living Pickering is a non-profit organization that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, offering services such as housing and employment.

Supporting community

CSE Consulting Services is an employment agency in Ontario that offers job placement, career counselling, and training services to individuals and businesses.

Indigenous Education

Redbird Circle is an organization that provides education, training, and cultural programming to support Indigenous youth, community and professional development.

Carpentry Education

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is a North American trade union that represents carpenters, millwrights, and floor coverers.

Youth Vocational Education

Judith Nyman Secondary School is a public high school in Brampton, Ontario that offers academic and vocational programs to students.

Tiny Home Project

Nonprofit building affordable homes for families in need, fostering stability and self-reliance worldwide.

Industry Awareness

NDC bridges information gaps, introducing trades to parents and youth via mentorship, guidance, and training.

Building Platforms

Combining strategy with marketing, design & technology to craft solutions to make our business run better.

Mobile City School

Mohawk College provides innovative, inclusive education through state-of-the-art facilities and community-centric initiatives like the City School program.

Diversity and Inclusion

DDNC aims to leverage resources to directly increase diverse peoples' access, entry and advancement in Canadian Industries to fill current and future highly skilled employment gaps

Representation in the Trades

Beauty United Council of Ontario is a non-profit working towards the inclusion of cosmetology and related industries as a Red Seal Certified Trade.

Journey to Apprenticeship

Support Ontario Youth supports apprentices, employers, and all stakeholders in the skilled trades industry by streamlining and simplifying the apprenticeship journey.

School Board

The Peel District School Board is a school district that serves approximately 153,000 kindergarten to grade 12 students at more than 259 schools in the Region of Peel in Ontario, immediately to the west of Toronto. The board employs more than 15,000 full-time staff and is the largest employer in Peel Region.

Supporting Communities

At Achēv, we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to build a better life and a successful future. For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping diverse Canadians and newcomers achieve their full potential.

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