Flexible, scalable, customizable, user-friendly Skills Management System

One of the world's best systems to support your skills development efforts

Support, Manage, Report

Harness the power of our SMS and Content Libraries to support diverse learning experiences, manage educational pathways, and report on progress with actionable insights.


Control your own Skills Management System, preloaded with our resources, that blends seamlessly with your brand identity, offering a personalized touch to your skills development initiatives.

Skill Council Managed

Trust in our managed Skills Ecosystem so that you can focus on your people, deliver comprehensive learning and development experience, while we managed the resources you need to be successful.

Uncomparable market benefits

Breaking down barriers with a sustainable SMS

The Skills Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive, adaptable platform that offers an array of resources for participants' upskilling, assists Delivery Partners in program implementation, supports employers in workforce development, and provides educators with extensive tools for effective teaching and learner progression.

State-of-the-art, flexible, customizable, and affordable Skills Ecosystem.
Used by not-for-profits, training centers, employment agencies, and employers.
Loaded with significant resources to support our partners and their clients.
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Worlds largest organizations use the same skills system as you!

70,000+ teams find training success with TalentLMS

We work with one of the best Skills Management Systems in the world, used by some of the largest organizations. We provide our partners with the power of TalentLMS' technology, preloaded with our skills ecosystem in order to support those who do not have the capability or capacity to build content or manage systems. We enable our partners to focus on their people, while we focus on their backend skills development support and resources.

SMS Category Features

Content Management and Creation

Includes features like a custom content builder, the ability to add thousands of courses, assessments, multimedia resources, and more.

Learning Tools and Support

Includes features like personalized learning paths, tutoring and mentoring, career coaching, mock interviews, and resume and profile building.

Collaboration and Communication

Includes features like rich communication tools, discussion boards, and video conferencing.

Personalization and White Labelling

Includes features like white labelling (branching), individual administrative access for each branch, and customizable certificates.

Administration and Management

Includes features like user profile management, scheduling engine, grouping, and learning group management.

Reporting and Analytics

Includes features like robust real-time dynamic reporting, track progress and performance.

Accessibility and Compatibility

Includes features like desktop and mobile access, multi-language support.

Automation and Scheduling

Includes features that streamline and automate tasks, improving efficiency.

Shared Resources and Interconnectivity

Includes features like shared resources across branches, interconnectivity of branches.

Engagement and Gamification

Includes features that enhance user engagement like gamification and interactive multimedia resources.

Security and Compliance

Our SMS prioritizes security and compliance, surpassing industry standards for data privacy and integrity. Features include role-based access, encryption, secure data transmission, and global privacy law adherence and more.

SMS Benefits

Streamlined Operations

The automation and scheduling engine facilitates efficient management of educational resources and activities.

Engaging Learning Environment

Gamification, multimedia content, discussion boards, and video conferencing tools promote interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Personalized Learning Paths

The ability to create customized learning paths and groups facilitates personalized and targeted learning experiences.

Rich Resource Access

Stakeholders gain access to an expansive library of skills courses, job role assessments, and career inspirational and explorational videos.

Collaboration and Community

Stakeholders can collaborate and share knowledge through discussion boards and video conferencing tools.

Comprehensive Assessment

The system's robust assessment capabilities enable comprehensive evaluation of learner progress.

Real-time Insights

Dynamic real-time reporting provides valuable insights into learner progress, delivery partner progress, resource utilization, entire network success, and overall system performance.

Security and Compliance

Adherence to global privacy laws and strong data security measures ensure sensitive data remains protected.

Mobile Learning

Desktop and mobile access allows learners to engage with the platform anytime, anywhere.

Professional Development

Access to mentors, tutors, and career coaching empowers learners in making informed career decisions.

Flexibility and Customization

Custom content and survey builders enable tailored learning experiences. Custom certificates add a personal touch to learner achievements.

Employer Engagement

The system facilitates the connection between learners, educators, and employers, providing real-time updates on learner progress and skill development.


Branching feature allows different stakeholders to maintain their independence while still benefiting from the shared resources and collaborative opportunities.

White Labeling

The ability for partners to customize and brand the platform to their specific needs, promoting brand consistency and a sense of ownership.

Resource Management

File repository allows for systematic storage and easy retrieval of resources, improving the overall management of educational materials.

Efficient Workflow

Role-based access controls enable efficient workflow, ensuring that each user has access to the features and data they require, thereby enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Through the system's interconnectivity, delivery partners can connect with potential program contributors like employment agencies, educators, and employers, leading to more comprehensive support for learners.

Seamless Integration

The system can be seamlessly integrated into existing organizational processes, minimizing disruption and promoting efficient operations. Cloud-base service.

Support for Diverse Learning Needs

With access to a broad range of learning resources, learners with diverse needs and preferences can find materials that suit them, promoting inclusivity.

Global Compliance

Regular updates and compliance with global privacy laws ensures that the system stays abreast of changes in regulations, ensuring that stakeholders' data remains protected.

Robust Analytics

The system's robust analytics provide insights into learner progress, resource utilization, system performance, and other crucial data points, informing decision-making and strategy.

Improved Learner Outcomes

With comprehensive resources, personalized learning paths, and effective assessment tools, the system supports improved learner outcomes.

Facilitates Growth

The comprehensive suite of tools and resources in the SMS allows organizations to grow and expand their training and development efforts efficiently and effectively.

Cost Effective

With its all-in-one solution for skills development and management, the SMS saves organizations time and resources, making it a cost-effective choice for upskilling needs.

Future Proof

The SMS is constantly updated with new features and resources, ensuring it remains relevant and effective in addressing the evolving needs of learners and organizations.