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We collaborate with government, employers, employment agencies, recruiters, and communities, to empower successful delivery of customized skill development programs that is inclusive for equal opportunities.

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Skills Council of Canada (SCC) is an Ottawa-based education technology company that partners with other organizations to provide comprehensive skills development solutions to Canadians. Our solutions are designed to support individuals and organizations across all industries, from skills assessments and training, to career development.

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Discover the excitement and potential of skilled trades through our "Try our Skilled Trade" events being held during 2024. Each event is an interactive exploration of different trades, designed for those who are curious about hands-on work and its career opportunities.

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By joining our collaborative community, you'll gain access to invaluable connections that accelerate growth, innovation, and the transition from education to employment. Our network provides opportunities for sharing best practices, exploring new ideas, and building relationships that support success in the workforce.

‍At Skills Council of Canada, we believe that collaboration is key to success in today's fast-paced world. That's why we are committed to building a strong partnership network that connects trade unions, industry leaders, businesses, government, and students.

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What do others have to say about us?

We are so grateful to be working with the Skills Council ofCanada! They have assisted our Employment Services Department by integrating St. Leonard’s Community Services into their skills development ecosystem customized specifically for our Agency, job seekers, andlearners. Access to training and assessments helps our client research careers, learn specific roles, andtest their knowledge and experience in different industries. The skills development ecosystem has allowedus to support our clients in recognizing their strengths and achieving their career goals. THANK YOU!

Malcolm Whyte, Director, St. Leonard’s Community Services
Skills Council of Canada is just what our industry needs, a training solutionsbasedcompany that cares deeply about the industries they support and wants nothing more than to seepeople get the necessary training required to reach their personal goals.

Mark Findlay, CEO  Lone Star Texas Bar and Grill
Skills Council of Canada is the missing peice of the skills-to-employment puzzle thatbridges the gap between students and employers

Dana Stephenson, CEO Riipen
I want to say thank you to the Skills Council of Canada and especially to mymentor Thomas! During my job search, Thomas was supporting me and advising me even after workhours. I received the improved version of my resume which helped me to be confident and competitive. Ifound a job I was searching for. Thank you Skill Council of Canada as it’s important to feel that people thatwork there really care about newcomers that are searching for a job.

Margarita Y, Participant in SCC Program
The Skills Council of Canada has been an invaluable resource for eSkill in our journey to build the most comprehensive and flexible skills assessment library in the world. Their consistent collaboration has extended the reach of our offering in learning & development as they reskill and elevate the Canadian workforce. We’ve been strategic partners since SCC’s inception and look forward to continuing this same progress as we fuel each other’s complimentary missions into the future

Chance Shilling, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
Over the past several years, we have been fortunate to partner with Skills Council of Canada by offering the robust Vubiz catalogue through various programs to thousands of learners. Skills Council of Canada team are very professional, provide great service attitude, and are able to deliver where others have fallen short.

James Howe, Executive Vice President
Thinking about the overwhelming needs of our school, trying to determine how to get others to care about our students. Skills Council of Canada not onls cares, but put 'care' into action while asking for nothing in return. This has brought me renewed hope and optimism that Judith Nyman Secondary School will be what I always thought it was, a beacon of learning with an expertise in preparing students for the skilled trades, centering their diverse interests and identities. I have a deep appreciation for the work Skills Council of Canada does; they are committed to making a difference.

Dion Neil, Principal Judith Nyman Secondary School
Congratulations to you and your team, this is by far the most organized Skills Council I have met, and I have worked with several in the past!

Al Prithard,
Advisor Vehicles Group Toronto Transit Commission
We are excited to bridge the gaps for our graduating students to community partners. Skills Council of Canada has provided hope for staff and students who now walk in our building with pride and execitement. Skills Council of Canada transformied our school to a place people want to be, learn and thrive. Students and staff will forever be grateful for the passion and compassion brought by Skills Council of Canada!

Susanna Kelman, Head Curriculum- Guidance, Co-Op, Library
I have had the great pleasure of working with the Skills Council of Canada. Brad and Kate have magnetic enthusiasm that is infectious when working with the students and staff at Judith Nyman SS. They have visited our school several times and continue making our school flourish every single visit. In a short time, they have transformed our school physically and emotionally. Our students, visitors, and teachers walk into our building smiling and hopeful which was lost many years ago.

Frank Meleca, Head of Technology Department
iAM Learning and Skills Council of Canada have been in partnership and collaborating for a full year and it is one of our most rewarding relationships. iAM's reason for existence is to make learning accessible for all and to do so in a way that makes learning fun again. There is nothing more rewarding, then seeing our content utilised with vulnerable communities where the benefits are amplified and the results all the more meaningful - we simply love knowing that the topics we have covered can make a difference, however small and we look forward to many more years of partnership

Tom Moore, Founder and COO
Our collaboration with Skills Council of Canada signifies a critical turning point, laying the foundation for a premier destination for trades development in Ontario. Our unwavering commitment to equitable access to quality education makes JNSS an ideal site for nurturing such opportunities. By aligning with Skills Council of Canada, we're forging an extraordinary link between traditional academic education and practical trade skills training, thereby enhancing our students' learning experience and future prospects.

Jaspal Gill, Associate Director, Operations and Equity of Access at PDSB
Immigration is a crucial tool for helping tackle Ontario’s historic labour shortage, growing our economy, and building a stronger province for all of us, I congratulate Skills Council of Canada for this innovative initiative to help our government achieve this mission and ensure internationally-trained immigrants have the opportunity to work in the fields they studied in.

Monte McNaughton, Former Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development.
I welcome the partnership between the Skills Council of Canada and National Skill Development Corporation India. As a major source of newcomers to Canada and the fastest-growing economic region in the world, India, along with other countries in the Indo-Pacific Region, will continue to play a vital role in Canada's immigration strategy. Immigrants not only enrich our communities but also drive economic growth and help alleviate labour market shortages.

Sean Fraser, Former Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada.
• We are excited to play such a crucial role in this meaningful partnership with Skills Council of Canada that will help progress the skilled trades industry in Canada. Judith Nyman Secondary School has already amassed an impressive reputation for its skilled trades program and modern facilities and this global recognition will serve to showcase our core values, creativity and innovative approaches to learning and development on a larger scale.

Rashmi Swarup, Director of Education for Peel District School Board.

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