Empowering Employment Agencies

Skills Council helps bridge the resources needed to enhance employability

Increase Job Seeker
Success Rate

Through access to resources like skills assessments, job role-specific courses, and one-on-one support, employment agencies can better assist job seekers in identifying skills gaps and upskilling.

Enhance Efficiency of Employment Centers

A streamlined platform is provided for managing job seeker journeys, from assessing skills to matching job seekers with opportunities, which increases the centers' efficiency.

Reduce Resource Costs and Improve Scalability

Offering a comprehensive, ready-to-use platform, Skills Council helps agencies cut down on costs of purchasing separate tools for skills assessments, career guidance, or job matching, thus improving scalability.

Increase job seeker success rate

Through SCC's ecosystem, Employment Centers will have access to a wealth of resources including skills assessments, job role-specific courses, career inspirational, explorational videos, tutors, and more. These resources allow each agency to help job seeker’s identify their skills gaps, upskill, and receive tailored guidance to help them land the right job.
Features: Skills assessments, job role-specific courses, one-on-one support.
Benefits to Employment Centers: Higher success rates mean increased credibility and reputation for the Employment Centers. It also means more job seekers are likely to utilize their services, leading to growth and expansion.

Enhance the efficiency of Employment Centers

The CSE provides a streamlined platform for managing the job seeker journey. This includes assessing skills, delivering relevant courses, and matching job seekers to appropriate opportunities. This all-in-one solution reduces manual work and allows centers to handle more job seekers simultaneously.
Features: Streamlined platform, job matching algorithms, centralized resource management.
Benefitsto Employment Centers: Increasedefficiency means the centers can cater to more job seekers without additionalstaff or resources. This improves their reach and impact.

Reduce resource costs and improve scalability

The CSE negates the need for individual Employment Centers to develop or purchase separate tools and resources for skills assessments, career guidance, or job matching. Instead, they have a comprehensive, ready-to-use platform at their disposal. This drastically cuts down on resource costs.
Features: Comprehensive, white-label platform, diverse skill development resources.
Benefits to Employment Centers: Lower costs mean centers can allocate their budget to other areas that may need attention, such as local outreach programs. The scalability of the platform also means that as the center grows, the platform can easily accommodate more users without significant additional investment.

Maximize employer engagement

The CSE includes tools to facilitate employer engagement, like the ability for employers to list job openings directly on the platform and search for suitable candidates. Additionally, the platform ensures that job seekers are well-prepared, making them more appealing to potential employers.
Features: Employer job listing and candidate search capabilities, highly skilled candidates.
Benefits to Employment Centers: Stronger employer engagement can lead to more job opportunities being available for job seekers. It also positions the Employment Center as a key link between employers and potential employees, increasing their importance and standing in the community.

Facilitate skills development for job seekers

The CSE provides an extensive range of skills courses and micro-learning courses that can cater to a wide variety of job roles. This ensures that job seekers can acquire the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career paths.
Features: 1,000+ job role and subject-based assessments, 4,000+ skills courses/micro-learning/videos.
Benefitsto Employment Centers: By facilitating skills development, centers can ensure they are providing job seekers with a valuable service that increases their employability. This also makes the centers more attractive to potential job seekers looking for support in their job search.

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