Convening Mastery: A Leadership Roundtable for Advancing Skills

The Leadership Roundtable Scheduled for September 12 2023 at Judith Nyman SS in Brampton Ontario
Trade Empowerment

Unlocking potential in skilled trades, bridging gaps, fostering innovation, and driving growth in Ontario.

Newcomer Integration

Facilitating seamless integration of newcomers, recognizing qualifications, providing training, and ensuring success in trades.

Skill Advancement

Enhancing professional development through hands-on training, continuous learning, and alignment with industry needs.

Collaborative Innovation

Building partnerships, encouraging collaboration, and leveraging unique resources to shape the future of trades.

Leadership Roundtable

Skills Council of Canada's "Collaboration for Advancement and Upskilling in the Skilled Trades Roundtable" gathers industry leaders, tradespeople, educators, and policymakers. This event promotes collaboration and innovation in skilled trades, addressing challenges and empowering professionals with the latest technologies and methodologies. It fosters networking and inclusivity, aiming to create a thriving and resilient skilled workforce in Canada.

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