Join us and Make a

We are a company focused on social good and positive skills-to-employment initiatives.

Why Would you Want to Work for Skills
Council of Canada?

Our vision, our team, our commitment to our partners and the communities we serve are very very very important to us. We focus on providing access to education for all.

Flexible Working

Choose your own schedule! Work from home, from the beach, surrounded by children, or anywhere you need to have a healthy work-life balance. Your work will focus on deliverables and outcomes, not how many hours you log.

Make a Difference

Your work has value beyond the company. We are focused on social impact projects that make a difference in the lives of others. All your efforts, no matter your role, contribute to the greater good of our communities and our country. Helping others is a rewarding experience!


We believe that each person should have control over their career, their working conditions, and be self-managed. We trust that the people we hire will do the work based on the requirements of our company and projects. If you meet your requirements, you run your own work-life with very little oversight.