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Learning Management System (LMS)

Over 70,000 teams globally are using this state-of-the-art learning management system. With its proven success, Skills Council of Canada has proudly partnered with TalentLMS.

Our LMS outranks all learning management systems on the market today. In 2021, users named our technology partner, TalentLMS, a leader in satisfaction. 

Skills Council of Canada's mandate has always been to leverage state-of-the-art technologies and innovation to support organizations that do not have the capabilities, capacity, nor funding to otherwise access the most advanced learning management systems. Our LMS is a cloud-based system that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within the territories in which the service is being provided.

Content creation and management

Content creation tools, content management, file storage, course builder, course catalog, course categorization, drip content, bulk actions, learning paths, course prerequisites, time limits, course and unit cloning, and unlimited courses

User management and authentication

Unlimited admins, unlimited multi-tenancy (branches), groups, custom user types/roles, unlimited extensible profiles, import/export functions, self-registration, admin confirmation, manual account setup by admin & single sign-on


Custom branding, custom themes, custom homepage, custom certificates, custom gamification rules, custom badges, and CSS/HTML /JavaScript editor

Our leadership team has decades of experience and leadership in the online learning industry and is proud of the innovative solutions they created to build a better learning experience. Skills Council of Canada’s innovative approach brings all aspects of the skills development process together and simplifies the complexity of training and development into one easy to use experience, allowing you to focus on learning and getting results.

Skills Council of Canada and our network of partners are focused on ensuring that each person’s unique skills development journey is supported. From essential skills to soft skills, to technical and job specific skills, our learning platform has something for everyone.

Our platform includes subject-based and job-based skills assessments, self-paced skills development courses, videos, SCORM packages, quizzes, surveys, and documents.

Virtual Reality coming soon!

Interested in sharing your content? Need help with skilling your team, community? Want to work together with us as your back-end technology partner? We are all about partnerships and collaboration. Connect now!


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