Bridging Skills for Tomorrow: Supporting employers, Employment agencies, recruiters, government

Stay tuned! The summit is scheduled for Early 2024 and will be made available through our conference website
Strategic Partnerships

Discover resources for workforce reskilling and upskilling, fostering agility and competence amidst rapid industry changes.

Skills Development

Discuss innovations in skills development and workforce planning to address your organization's labor challenges effectively.

Recruitment Strategies

Discover collaborative power with partners to co-create responsive, needs-based training programs at our summit.

Innovative Solutions

Learn strategies for attracting, selecting, and retaining talent effectively through our recruitment resources.

Forging a Resilient Workforce: Collaborative Skilling for the Future

Join us at the forefront of workforce development. By harnessing effective partnerships and driving innovative, employer-led skilling initiatives, we can build robust, future-oriented solutions together. Let's shape a resilient workforce prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.


Face Hiring Challenges


Hire Less Qualified


Employee Turnover


About the Summit

The Employer Partnership Summit, co-hosted by Skills Council of Canada and Edge Factor, is a one-day event that brings together employers, employment agencies, and industry leaders to explore the benefits of strategic partnerships for effective skills development. The summit offers an interactive platform to share insights, learn about innovative solutions, and engage in impactful discussions. Attendees will discover resources and strategies for skilling, reskilling, and upskilling initiatives that address labor challenges and foster a resilient workforce. With a focus on collaboration and forward-thinking solutions, this event is a key step towards shaping a future-ready workforce.

  • Strategic Insights
  • Collaborative Opportunities
  • Skills Development Focus
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Influence Future Directions
  • Networking

The Employer Partnership Summit offers strategic insights into workforce development, innovative solutions for labor challenges, and a platform for collaboration with industry leaders. Gain exposure to skilling initiatives and cutting-edge digital learning solutions. Utilize networking opportunities to form and strengthen professional relationships. Most significantly, your participation allows you to shape the future of skills development and workforce planning. Be part of the conversation that drives industry solutions.

Boosts productivity, fosters adaptability, and ensures job-role competency.

Bridging the Skills Gap Together

Align industry needs with education and training
Strengthen support for employers in workforce development
Showcase innovative solutions in skills development
Foster productive partnerships for skills development
Drive impactful dialogue on employment challenges