Speaking Events: Join Skills Council of Canada in Shaping the Future of Skills Development

More speaking events are being scheduled to continue advancing skills development initiatives and collaborations.
Skills Revolution

Emphasizing modern skills development, vital for Canada's workforce to thrive in a globalized economy.

Industry Insights

Providing critical perspectives on Global industries, guiding future growth and sustainable economic development in Canada.

Talent Transformation

Addressing the need for nurturing and adapting talent, crucial for Canada's competitive edge and aligning to international pipelines.

Innovation Collaboration

Fostering partnerships in innovation, key to driving technological advancement and economic progress in Canada.

Speaking Events

Skills Council of Canada's involvement in speaking events globally showcases Canadian leadership in skills development, fosters international collaboration, and enhances understanding of worldwide trends. These engagements allow SCC to bring back innovative ideas, strategic partnerships, and global best practices that contribute to strengthening Canada's workforce and economic competitiveness.

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