Supporting Canadian Skills-to-Employment

    Addressing the digital divide: Skills Council of Canada's SMS and digital literacy development

    As technology continues to advance, digital literacy has become an essential skill for success in the modern workforce. Skills Council of Canada's Skills Development System (SMS) offers resources and support to help bridge the digital divide, ensuring all Canadians have the opportunity to develop their digital literacy skills.

    Developing Digital Skills:

    Skills Council of Canada's SMS provides access to resources focused on essential digital skills, such as computer literacy, online communication, and cybersecurity. By offering targeted skill development opportunities, the SMS helps individuals adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape and thrive in the modern workforce.

    Support for Underserved Communities:

    Skills Council of Canada's SMS prioritizes support for underserved communities, recognizing the importance of equal access to digital skills development. By offering resources tailored to these communities, the SMS works to close the digital divide and empower individuals from all backgrounds.

    Flexible Learning for All:

    With SMS access available on both desktop and mobile devices, Skills Council of Canada ensures that individuals can work on their digital skills development at their own pace and according to their own schedules. This flexibility allows learners to effectively manage their skill development without feeling overwhelmed.

    Collaboration with Industry Partners:

    Skills Council of Canada works closely with industry partners to ensure the digital skills resources offered through the SMS are up-to-date and relevant to the current job market. This collaboration helps learners develop in-demand skills that can lead to new opportunities and career growth.

    Skills Council of Canada's Skills Development System plays a crucial role in addressing the digital divide and promoting digital literacy across the country. By providing access to targeted resources, assessments, and flexible learning opportunities, they're helping Canadians develop the digital skills necessary for success in the modern workforce.

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