Supporting Canadian Skills-to-Employment

    Empowering Canada's Workforce: How the Skills Council of Canada Supports Industry, Employers, and Job Seekers


    In today's rapidly evolving labour market, skills development is more important than ever. Ensuring that Canada's workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy is crucial. The Skills Council of Canada (SCC) plays a vital role in supporting skills development for industry, employers, and job seekers, providing an all-encompassing solution that helps stakeholders focus on their people, rather than technology and skills assessment and development content.

    In this article, we will discuss the various ways SCC supports industry, employers, and job seekers, as well as the impact of their work on Canada's workforce and economy.

    Supporting Industry

    SCC's Skills Development System (SMS) helps industries build capacity and capabilities across both blue and white-collar jobs. By providing access to thousands of job role and subject-based assessments, as well as essential skills, soft skills, technical skills, and vocational skills development resources, SCC enables industries to develop a skilled and competitive workforce.

    Additionally, SCC's work-integrated learning experiences provide industries with a pipeline of skilled talent, ensuring that students entering the workforce have the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

    Supporting Employers

    SCC works with employers to support their employees through the SMS, offering a wide range of resources and assessments designed to help workers develop the skills they need to excel in their roles. Employers can leverage the robust content and learning management system to identify skill gaps and develop targeted interventions, ensuring that their workforce remains competitive and up-to-date with industry trends.

    Moreover, SCC offers white-labeled access to its SMS, enabling employers to operate under their own brand while still benefiting from the comprehensive resources and support provided by the Skills Council of Canada.

    Supporting Job Seekers

    For job seekers, SCC provides access to mentors, tutors, and trade coaches who offer one-on-one support and guidance in developing the necessary skills for employment. The SMS offers a wealth of resources and assessments that help job seekers identify their strengths and weaknesses, build essential skills, and improve their employability.

    By working closely with employment agencies, SCC helps these organizations support job seekers in finding and securing employment, ensuring that Canada's workforce remains strong and competitive.

    Supporting Government

    SCC collaborates with government stakeholders to identify skills gaps and develop targeted interventions. This alignment with government ensures that skills development initiatives are relevant and effective in addressing the needs of the labour market. Furthermore, SCC's work in supporting industry, employers, and job seekers contributes to the overall strength and competitiveness of Canada's economy, a key priority for government stakeholders.


    The Skills Council of Canada plays a crucial role in empowering Canada's workforce by providing comprehensive support to industry, employers, job seekers, and government stakeholders. By offering an all-encompassing Skills Development System, SCC enables these stakeholders to focus on their people and develop a skilled, competitive workforce capable of meeting the challenges of the modern labour market.

    Through continued collaboration and innovation, SCC will remain at the forefront of skills development in Canada, ensuring that the country's workforce remains competitive in the face of rapidly changing industries and global competition. By supporting skills development at every level, the Skills Council of Canada is helping to build a stronger, more resilient economy that benefits all Canadians.

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