Supporting Canadian Skills-to-Employment

    "Fueling Canada's Future: Strengthening the Skilled Trades Workforce for Economic Success"

    Skilled Trades: The Solution to Canada's Employment and Recruitment Pain Points

    Over the past few years, the demand for skilled labor has surged in both Canada and the US due to a combination of factors such as automation and the retirement of millions of baby boomers. However, the supply of this vital labor force remains stagnant. This shift in the workforce puts enormous strain on utility companies, refineries, and construction companies that are not only challenged with replacing retiring skilled trade workers, but also must make significant investments in new technology and processes to remain competitive.

    To alleviate these pain points, companies and organizations across Canada must focus on strengthening the labor pipeline by offering apprenticeships, internships, on-the-job training, and opportunities that will attract qualified young individuals and newcomers into the skilled trades workforce.

    Some of the most in-demand skilled trade jobs include:

    - Electricians
    - Plumbers
    - HVAC technicians
    - Welders
    - Machinists
    - Auto mechanics
    - Construction workers

    Entering the skilled trades can offer numerous benefits for youth and newcomers, such as:

    - Job security: A constant demand for skilled workers ensures long-term employment prospects.
    - Competitive salaries: Many skilled trade jobs offer strong wages compared to other professions.
    - Low educational debt: Skilled trade certification programs are often less expensive and shorter than traditional college degrees.
    - Opportunities for growth: The skilled trades provide many opportunities for career advancement and entrepreneurship.

    Skills Council of Canada is committed to supporting the development of a strong skilled trades pipeline by providing access to over thousands of soft skills courses across nearly all industries. Our organization operates under a strong collaboration framework, which allows us to create and maintain partnerships that benefit everyone involved.

    At Skills Council of Canada, we are a social impact organization focused on Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education), 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). Our content covers soft skills, technical skills, vocational skills, and more, supporting all industries with our state-of-the-art skills management system. Our global ecosystem of collaborative social impact organizations allows us to provide comprehensive resources and support for those looking to enter, develop, or advance in skilled trades.

    If your organization is interested in working with Skills Council of Canada to strengthen the skilled trades workforce, we encourage you to visit our website at, send us an email at, or start a chat with us, and we will be happy to connect.

    In conclusion, the need for skilled tradespersons in Canada is more important than ever. By offering apprenticeships, internships, and on-the-job training, companies can promote the value of skilled trades work and ensure they are prepared for the future. Skills Council of Canada is here to help organizations every step of the way, so get in touch with us today to forge a strong partnership for your future success.

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