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    Indigenous Water Crisis in Canada: A Humanitarian Crisis

    Indigenous Water Crisis in Canada

    Get ready to be inspired!

    We're excited to unveil a project that has the potential to transform the lives of Indigenous communities in Canada. For years, the water crisis has plagued these communities, leaving them with long-term boil water advisories and limited access to clean drinking water. But now, our group of passionate leaders, including Indigenous Leaders, Skills Council of Canada, Iceland Blue, Edge Factor, and more, have come together to help bring global awareness about this crisis.

    Through this project, you'll discover the power of collaboration, ideas around water logistics, and creating sustainable Indigenous sovereignty with solutions to this water crisis. Our film takes you on a journey to explore Iceland's abundant clean water resources and how they can be used to alleviate the situation. But it's not just about finding a quick fix. This project emphasizes the need for a long-term, collaborative approach that involves Indigenous communities, Indigenous Services Canada | Services aux Autochtones Canada, and organizations such as Skills Council of Canada, Gitpo Spirt Lodge, Bulk Agua and more.

    Through open dialogue, consultation, and cooperation, we can ensure that the rights of Indigenous people are respected, and that we're building a better future for all. And that's not all - this project has the potential to create countless job opportunities in business, commerce, and trades that would all be part of the development and sustainability infrastructure.Join us in this incredible journey towards creating access to clean drinking water for Indigenous communities in Canada and then the world. Let's come together and make a real difference!

    About Skills Council of Canada Inc.

    Skills Council of Canada Inc. (SCC) is based in Ottawa, Ontario, and is a social impact organization building holistic integrated solutions that support Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals with a prime focus on education-to-employment. Operating in collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, SCC promotes the development of good health/well-being, access to quality education and equal employment, gender equality, access to clean drinking water, affordable clean energy, decent work for economic growth, innovative technology ecosystems, infrastructure, reducing inequality, sustainable communities, and developing partnerships required to support these efforts.

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