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    SCC partners with high school to transform trades education in Ontario

    Skills Council of Canada (SCC) and JudithNyman Secondary School (JNSS) have entered a collaborative partnership agreement to transform trades education in Ontario. With a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)in place, the collaboration aims to address the growing labour shortage inskilled trades industries.

    The need for youth in trades is more important than ever, as the skilled trades industries face a critical labour shortage. Young workers can bring fresh perspectives, innovation, and energy to these industries. By providing high-quality education and hands-on experience, JNSS and SCC will equip the next generation of skilled workers to meet the challenges of the evolving workforce.

    JNSS, an underfunded and seemingly overlooked institution, boasts the largest number of trades facilities in one location within the province. SCC, recognizing this untapped potential, has started to provide support to enhance JNSS's perception, reputation, industry outreach, student support, funding, and partnerships. With the goal of becoming a leading destination for quality education, JNSS will offer a significant trades program backed by SCC's corporate partnerships, industry connections, student work integration learning experiences, and funding programs.

    To address the vast shortage of labour, collaboration between all stakeholders is critical and SCC through previous funding provided by the Government of Ontario has taken steps to facilitate this collaboration by working closely with industry leaders, journeyman/industry trainers, trade associations, educational institutions, and government. By fostering a collaborative environment, the partnership will accelerate the development of innovative solutions and ensure a sustainable skilled workforce for the future.

    This collaboration between SCC and JNSS will benefit students, industry leaders, journeyman/industry trainers, trade associations,and the communities they serve. The partnership is in line with the government's mandate to address the shortage of skilled trade workers across the province, supporting the economy and ensuring Ontario’s competitiveness. By aligning industries and Red Seal trainers across all trades with JNSS’ capabilities and capacity, students will be able to gain specialized training and certifications recognized nationally, opening up a plethora of opportunities and well paying careers. SCC is leading these efforts, having already engaged many industry partners who have since visited the school with SCC providing a tour of the facilities and furthering partnership agreements.

    With 17 trade facilities in one location, JNSS’ students can explore multiple trades, find their niche, and eventually choose a specific career path. The partnership with SCC will also promote community engagement through community projects and internships, fostering a strong sense of community and social responsibility among students.

    SCC has proactively initiated the transformation of JNSS, with the goal of enhancing student morale and fostering a sense of community that instills pride in both students and faculty members. This transformation began with a comprehensive branding redesign, followed by a revitalized look and feel for the school itself. SCC has re-envisioned and redesigned key areas of the school, including the school logo, the main entrance, primary corridor, hallways, classroom entryways, and marketing materials including video promotion.

    The image of the doorway is an example of the vacant hallways and entranceways seen throughout the school. SCC efforts, demonstrated in the below photos, have provided a refreshed appearance that aims to inspire students, attract parents, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to support the creation of a positive experience for those entering the trades and those already engaged in building their skills for success.

    Together, Skills Council of Canada and Judith NymanSecondary School will revolutionize trades education in Ontario, filling the labour market's growing demand for skilled workers and contributing to the province's overall economic growth and competitiveness.

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