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    Project AI Powered CareerGPS

    Skills Council of Canada is proud to announce their efforts towards the development of their AI Powered CareerGPS, an innovative and dynamic career development platform designed to help individuals navigate their career paths and bridge the skills gap for any career across Canada. The platform combines the latest in technology, artificial intelligence, data developed by Skills Council of Canada, and ESDC’s Job Bank Occupationaland Skills Information System (OASIS). All these resources coming together to support in real-time, personalized career advice and recommendations for Canadians seeking to advance their careers.

    CareerGPS goals are to benefit a wide range of stakeholders,including individuals seeking career guidance, employers looking to recruit talent, educational institutions look to support students entering the workforce,and employment agencies in accesses more resources for their clients. By leveraging a vast database of occupational classifications, skills assessments, and course offerings, CareerGPS aims to create a comprehensive solution for workforce development.

    Value to Individuals: CareerGPS empowers individuals to explore career options, identify their skills gaps, and receive tailored recommendations for education, training, and job opportunities. By enabling users to upload their resumes, input their skills and interests, and answer a series of questions, the platform provides personalized career suggestions and guidance to help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths.

    Value to Industry and Corporates: Employers and industry leaders will benefit from the insights provided by CareerGPS, as it helps them identify and address skills shortages in their respective sectors. By connecting with potential employees through the platform, companies can better match candidates with the right skill sets for their job openings, leading to increased efficiency in recruitment and workforce development.

    Value to Government: CareerGPS supports government initiatives to strengthen the Canadian workforce and boost economic growth. By providing a data-driven platform for career development, the Skills Council ofCanada is helping to bridge the skills gap and prepare Canadians for the jobs of the future. As a result, this platform will contribute to job creation and economic prosperity for Ontario and Canada as a whole.

    Skills Council of Canada is committed to ensuring that CareerGPS becomes a key resource for all Canadians, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and career growth. To learn more about our development efforts for our AI Powered CareerGPS, continue to check back with us.

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