Supporting Canadian Skills-to-Employment

    Preparing the next generation: How Skills Council of Canada supports educators in skills development

    Skills Council of Canada's SMS features a vast library of resources, spanning essential skills, soft skills, technical skills, and vocational skills. Educators can tap into this wealth of content to develop well-rounded curricula that cater to the diverse needs of their students.

    Assessments to Track Progress:

    Assessments are an integral part of the learning process, helping both educators and students gauge progress and identify areas for improvement. Skills Council of Canada's SMS offers thousands of job role and subject-based assessments that provide valuable insights into students' skill levels and development needs.

    Collaborative Opportunities:

    By working with industry professionals, trade unions, and corporations, Skills Council of Canada fosters a collaborative environment where educators can engage with the broader workforce ecosystem. This collaboration helps ensure that educational programs align with the ever-changing demands of the job market, setting students up for long-term success.

    White-Label Solutions for Institutions:

    Skills Council of Canada understands the importance of branding for educational institutions. By offering white-labeled access to their SMS, they enable institutions to operate under their own brand while still benefiting from the extensive resources and assessments available through the platform.

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