Supporting Canadian Skills-to-Employment

    Skills Council of Canada supports not-for-profit employment agencies with access to their skills development ecosystem

    Many employment agencies have limited budgets and Skills Council of Canada has built their business model to be inclusive of any agency that needs support, breaking down the barriers that prevent agencies from providing the best possible service.

    Skills Council of Canada is pleased to announce a successful 6-month partnership pilot, whereby St. Leonard’s Community Services (SLCS) received full access to a state-of-the-art learning management system, including access to over 1,000 skills development courses, a customized branded platform, one-on-one training for career councillors, and support of their community’s unique requirements at no cost.

    For more than 50 years, St. Leonard’s Community Services has provided services and support to the most vulnerable individuals in their community. The results of these efforts are community members who have built skills in resiliency, adaptation, and determination. As they move past pandemic times, the agency continues to focus on helping the community develop and adapt by consistently delivering mental health services, justice services, housing services, and employment services. Job seekers in the community seek out the support of SLCS because they are unemployed, looking for a new career, or in some cases, looking for a change to positively influence their circumstances. SLCS is there to support them in finding success.

    We are so grateful to be working with the Skills Council of Canada! They have assisted our Employment Services Department by integrating St. Leonard’s Community Services into their skills development ecosystem customized specifically for our Agency, job seekers, and learners. Access to training and assessments helps our client research careers, learn specific roles, and test their knowledge and experience in different industries. The skills development ecosystem has allowed us to support our clients in recognizing their strengths and achieving their career goals. THANK YOU, Skills Council of Canada!” said Sarah Fleming, Manager of St. Leonard’s Community Services.

    Skills Council of Canada’s aims to support employment agencies and help them develop a stronger pipeline of job-ready candidates by providing them with the tools, skills development resources, technology, and support structures needed to increase their job-ready candidates for employment in multiple industries. Employment centers are one of the largest networks of underrepresented groups in need of the right resources to help job seekers become gainfully employed. Over the last several years, with the changing employment landscape and increased unemployment, even more, pressure has been put on employment agencies to perform. For the most part, many of these same organizations are not-for-profits, making it even more difficult to support the needs of the many. Skills Council of Canada has created the tools, technology, and growing library that support all the diverse needs of job seekers, enabling employment agencies to focus on their clients' and employers' needs, rather than the resources needed to prepare for job readiness.

    Skills Council of Canada has been advancing its skills in the employment ecosystem, adding 1-on-1 career counseling, tutors, mentors, thousands of assessments, and a mobile micro-learning platform. Skills Council of Canada’s skills programs is integrated into one of the world’s best learning management systems, being used by over 75,000 global corporates.   Skills Council of Canada took further steps to customize the system to be able to support entire industries, support mass populations and by doing so, create a shared cost model that makes it possible to provide free access to those more vulnerable. Partners who can afford to pay for the services, do, and those who cannot, are fully supported by the Skills Council of Canada.

    “We have always been driven by our mission to deliver quality education to all, regardless of their personal or professional circumstances. Being able to offer access to our Collaborative Support Ecosystem to St. Leonard’s Community Services without cost to them helps us fulfill our mission and helps communities build back stronger,” said Brad Loiselle, CEO of Skills Council of Canada. “Our model works because it is based on a collaboration with many organizations all working together, reduced pricing due to economies of scale, a backend platform where costs are shared and supported by the entire ecosystem”. Skills Council of Canada will continue to advance and evolve the Collaborative Support Ecosystem to meet the needs of communities, organizations, and industries.

    About Skills Council of Canada Inc.

    Skills Council of Canada Inc. (Skills Council of Canada) based in Ottawa, Ontario is a social impact-focused organization building holistic integrated solutions that support Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals with a prime focus on education-to-employment. Operating in collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, the Skills Council of Canada promotes skills development for the development of good health/well-being, access to quality education and equal employment, gender equality, access to clean drinking water, affordable clean energy, decent work for economic growth, innovative technology ecosystems, infrastructure, reducing inequality, sustainable communities, and developing partnerships required to support these efforts.

    Skills Council of Canada’s Collaborative Support Ecosystem (CSE) includes thousands of skills courses, thousands of job role assessments and subject-based assessments, access to thousands of one-on-one mentors, tutors, career counseling, wellness coaches, and so much more, all managed by Skills Council of Canada’s robust learning management system. The CSE program also enables the Skills Council of Canada to supply its entire offering for free to all participants and partners.

    About St. Leonard’s Community Services

    St. Leonard’s Community Services is a not-for-profit organization that has been offering help to the people in Brantford, Brant, and Haldimand for over 50 years. Today, we provide our community members with support in the areas of Employment, Housing, Justice, Addictions, and Mental Health. Some of the most vulnerable people we work with needing help in more than one – or even all - of these categories.

    For an in-depth look at the variety of services we deliver in each of these areas, please consult the individual program descriptions found on this website. Hard copies of these can also be obtained at each of our agency locations.

    St. Leonard’s Community Services’ commits to quality assurance standards, through the consistent ongoing application of a Client Service Model which is based on current evidence-informed best practices to be effective with clients worldwide.

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