Environmental, Social & Governance Collection

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Environmental, Social & Governance Collection

We’ve only got one planet, so we’ve got to look after it. Modern companies are doing what they can to lessen their impact on the environment and make their business sustainable, because they understand the benefits to this approach. Corporations can make a massive difference in terms of energy consumption, pollution, and waste management. But these forward-thinking strategies not only make a difference to the outside world, they also bolster a companies’ image and build trust, raise awareness and encourage social change too. This collection explains how.

Courses in this collection

1. Energy Efficiency
2. Corporate Social Responsibility
3. The Role of Eco-Innovation
4. Waste Management
5. Economic & Brand Benefits
6. Green Technology & Carbon Zero
7. Workplace Recycling
8. Leading Ethical Decisions
9. Dealing with Food Waste, Water Waste & Going Zero Waste

Companies can make a difference by being environmentally sustainable leaders.
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    Environmental, Social & Governance Collection
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