Collaboration and Communication

Includes features like rich communication tools, discussion boards, and video conferencing.
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Benefit of the SMS Feature

Enhanced Engagement

Foster collaboration and communication among learners, instructors, and stakeholders, creating an interactive and participatory learning environment.

Improved Knowledge Sharing

Enable seamless sharing of ideas, experiences, and resources, facilitating peer learning and knowledge exchange across the platform.

Effective Collaboration

Facilitate teamwork and group projects, allowing learners to collaborate on assignments, discussions, and problem-solving activities, fostering a sense of community and collective learning.

Streamlined Communication

Provide efficient communication channels, such as messaging, discussion boards, and notifications, to keep learners and instructors connected, informed, and engaged throughout their learning journey.

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Supporting Features

  • Rich Communication Tools: These include tools like chat, messaging, email, and video conferencing, enabling seamless communication between administrators, instructors, and learners.
  • Discussion Boards: These allow learners to engage in asynchronous discussions, share ideas, ask questions, and facilitate community learning.
  • Learning Groups: Learning groups enable learning communities where participants can learn together and engage in group discussions. This feature facilitates collaborative learning and peer support.
  • Video Conferencing: This feature enables virtual face-to-face interactions for real-time learning and discussions.
  • Shared Resources: The SMS allows all branches to be integrated, facilitating the sharing of resources among delivery partners. When new resources are added to the main platform, all branches get access to these resources, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Interlinking of Delivery Partners: Through the shared resources feature, SMS provides the opportunity to interlink an entire network of Delivery Partners. This facilitates cross-collaboration and resource sharing among partners.
  • Connection with Pipeline Contributors: The interconnectivity of the branches enables SMS to connect Delivery Partners with other contributors (like employment agencies, educators, employers) to their specific program, fostering a more integrated and collaborative approach.
  • Automated Notifications: System-generated reminders and alerts keep participants, instructors, and administrators updated about various activities and milestones, facilitating efficient communication.
  • Survey Builder: This allows administrators to create and distribute surveys for gathering feedback, thereby opening up another communication channel with the learners.
  • Mobile Access: This provides learners with the ability to access the SMS and its resources anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices, facilitating constant communication and collaboration.