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Includes features like a custom content builder, the ability to add thousands of courses, assessments, multimedia resources, and more.
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Benefit of the SMS Feature

Streamlined Course Development

Easily create and manage courses using a user-friendly interface, allowing for efficient content creation and organization.

Rich Multimedia Integration

Enhance course content with various media types, such as videos, presentations, and documents, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Reusability and Scalability

Effortlessly reuse existing content and templates, saving time and effort in course creation. Scale your content library to meet growing demands.

Collaborative Authoring

Enable collaboration among instructional designers and subject matter experts to create high-quality, well-rounded courses that align with learning objectives.

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Supporting Features

  • Custom Content Builder: Enables creation of custom courses or learning content to meet specific learning goals.
  • File Repository: A centralized place for storing, managing, and sharing files and documents related to learning content.
  • Skills Libraries: Access to a vast collection of skills-related content for various industries and roles.
  • Assessment Libraries: Enables the creation, management, and delivery of job role and subject based assessments to evaluate learner's progress.
  • Multimedia Support: Supports various multimedia formats for richer, more engaging content.
  • Course Import and Export: Allows importing and exporting of courses for easy content sharing and collaboration.
  • White Labeling (Branding): Custom branding capabilities for content to align with the organization's identity.
  • Version Control: Helps in managing different versions of a content piece, ensuring up-to-date information is shared.
  • Survey Builder: Allows creation of custom surveys for capturing feedback on learning content.
  • Multilingual Support: Allows content to be created and displayed in various languages, broadening the reach of learning.
  • Gamification Elements: Enables addition of game-like elements to content, such as quizzes and rewards, to increase learner engagement.
  • Customizable Certificates: Allows for the design of unique completion certificates for each course or learning path.