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Includes features like robust real-time dynamic reporting, track progress and performance.
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Benefit of the SMS Feature

Actionable Insights

Gain deep insights into learner performance, engagement, and progress, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize learning outcomes.

Performance Tracking

Monitor the effectiveness of courses, assessments, and learning interventions to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall learning experience.

Compliance and Audit

Easily generate comprehensive reports and analytics to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitate audits.

Customizable Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards with real-time data and customizable visualizations, providing stakeholders with a holistic view of learning metrics and progress.

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Supporting Features

  • Robust Real-Time Dynamic Reporting: This feature allows for real-time tracking and reporting of various parameters like course progress, assessment scores, and learner engagement levels.
  • Analytics Dashboard: This provides an overview of the learning progress across the system with visual representations of data for easy interpretation.
  • Course Analytics: Administrators can view details like course completion rates, assessment scores, and user engagement metrics for each course.
  • Learner Analytics: This feature enables tracking individual learner's progress, participation levels, and performance.
  • Group Analytics: Administrators can monitor and analyze the performance of a specific learning group.
  • Completion Tracking: This feature allows for tracking learners' progress in terms of course completion.
  • Engagement Metrics: It enables the measurement of learner engagement through parameters like login frequency, time spent on the platform, and course participation.
  • Feedback and Survey Analytics: Administrators can collect, analyze, and interpret feedback and survey data to improve the learning experience.
  • Custom Report Generation: This feature allows administrators to create custom reports based on their specific needs.
  • Exportable Reports: Reports and analytics can be exported in various formats for further analysis or for sharing with other stakeholders.
  • Region and Sector Based Reporting: This allows Palette Skills to pull reports based on regions or key sectors, providing insights on real-time progress across their entire network.
  • Automation of Reports: This feature allows administrators to automate the generation and delivery of reports at predefined intervals.