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Ce cours examine les notions �l�mentaires permettant de lire et de comprendre les �tats financiers. Il montre comment les diff�rentes activit�s d�une organisation peuvent avoir, et ont, une incidence sur sa sant� financi�re. Le cours pr�sente des notions de base, des exemples et des informations qui sont essentiels aux preneurs de d�cisions sans expertise financi�re.

Videos and Tutorials

Our Diversity and Inclusion training bundle includes microlearning and full video courses that cover many of the topics we see in workplace discussions today. Among the many benefits to completing this bundle, these courses will teach you how to be a more inclusive leader and how to recognize privilege and unconscious bias in the workplace.

SCORM compliant and learner tracking

Many of the SCORM-packaged courses include their own menu structure, learning activities, and accessibility formats. The LMS will capture all your progress and record data to your profile.

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