Cyber Security Collection

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Cyber Security Collection

The digital world is constantly changing, so it’s more important than ever to secure your tech. This superb collection will teach you how to mitigate cyber threats and secure your data from theft and corruption. Use this bite-sized content to turn the tide in the cyber security war! This collection is useful to anyone that uses any digital system in the workplace or simply for leisure activities. In short, that’s everyone!

Courses in this collection

1. "The GDPR Guru"
2. Viruses & Malware
3. "Staying Safe Online"
4. Using a Strong Password
5. Email Security
6. "Phishing"
7. GDPR Overview
8. Data Breaches
9. Subject Access Requests
10. Protection and Infection Control
11. The Internet of Things
12. "Spoofing Attacks"
13. Denial of Service Attack
14. Data Handling (Best Practices)
15. The Role of Data Protection Officers
16. Working Remotely (but Safely)
17. Life in the Cloud
18. Fake News

Mitigate cyber threats and secure data with this essential collection.
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    Cyber Security Collection
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Collection includes:

  • Library of related content
  • Robust management platform
  • Mobile access
  • Tutorials, videos, SCORM Content
  • Microlearning Courses

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