Establishing a Learning Culture Collection

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Establishing a Learning Culture Collection

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. Remember the pride you felt when you figured out how to work that filter on your spreadsheet? How about the moment where a newly acquired skill came in handy and you were able to solve a problem effectively? That’s the joy of learning. Every little thing you learn expands your mind. Imagine what could be achieved if there was a culture of learning in your workplace? A group of inspired, engaged employees will benefit any business, so check out this collection and make the sky the limit.

Courses in this collection

1. The Growth Mindset
2. What Is a Learning Culture?
3. "Continuous Learning"
4. Empowering Others
5. Giving & Receiving Feedback

Learning outside the classroom leads to inspired, engaged employees and success.
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    Establishing a Learning Culture Collection
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Collection includes:

  • Library of related content
  • Robust management platform
  • Mobile access
  • Tutorials, videos, SCORM Content
  • Microlearning Courses

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